My name is Loo McNulty - I’m an illustrator and the founder of Happy Just Happy,   a design studio and greeting card company based in Collingwood, Canada

We create and license art that conveys what matters most to us; optimism, playfulness, connection and community.

During the pandemic I found myself creating illustrations with the sole purpose to just make myself feel better and for the most part, it worked. Drawing like this became part of my daily practice, like meditation. Eventually I started to post these images on social media and almost instantly the responses were universal: comments like “this made my day” and “thanks for posting” or “this is just what I needed to see”. It seemed that what was working for me was also working for others, and I wondered how could I create an opportunity to have
that same experience over and over again in a more meaningful, tangible way, something that had longevity. 

You know art creates a profound connection between the artist and the audience and I realized that greeting cards are such a natural way to embrace this - they provide a visual reference or reminder for our experiences or memories - our feelings and traditions. So I decided to launch a greeting card business with what we called The Encouragement Bundle (Keep Going, You’re Amazeballs, Persistence, You Have Great Ideas, You Are Magic…). A collection of uplifting messages mixed with my colourful, playful style that I thought people needed to hear and I was right - people were really connecting with them and they quickly became bestsellers. We knew we were onto something.

And this got me really thinking about the greater impact art can make, especially during a time when so many people were suffering.
So we partnered with a national youth mental health organization,
jack.org and decided to donate a percentage of our sales to their initiatives. 

Fast forward and we have grown our card collection to include Birthday, Thank You, Love and Friendship, Holidays, New Baby and even Pet Loss, and of course our original category - Encouragement! We are always expanding our line and looking for new ideas to deliver our uplifting messages and to provide our customers with something they can reach for in moments of celebration, sympathy or support. Our cards don’t shy away from the use of bold,
bright colours which makes them really stand out in a sea of
other designs. 

Of equal importance to us is our environment which is why our cards are sustainably manufactured in Canada supporting local small business owners.

We believe the work we do is a reminder of our intentions, and our intention with Happy Just Happy is to create a circle of virtuous giving; from designing a meaningful card that resonates with our audience, something that contains a message and image so inspiring that it stays on the fridge door or might even find its way into a frame, to supporting sustainability and ultimately to making a difference in the lives of young people via Jack.org. 

Welcome to Happy.